EZARC 5PC 2/4-Fréza Karbid Tipy SDS-Plus vrtací Kladivo Vrták Sada pro železobetonu, Zdiva, Mramoru, Cihel a Dlaždic

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EZARC PGM Betonu Vrták Sada 5PC SDS-Plus Karbid Tipy

  • Číslo Modelu: 803602 803602
  • Materiál: Karbid
  • Typ: Centrum Vrták
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Certifikace: NIC
  • vzor: SDS-plus 2-Řezačky Hammer Drill Bit Set
  • Velikost: 2/4-Cutter
  • Použití: Kovové Vrtání
  • Značka: EZARC
  • Položka Rozměry: 2.76 x 7.09 x 0.59 palců
  • Shank typ: SDS-Plus
  • Délka: 110-160 mm


Štítky: nc frézky, h zemře, muži kov zemře, makita nástroj, metabo nástroj, bit nástroj, dewalt nářadí, základní vrtáky, trochu vrtat, trochu drill set.


Comando Svr 100
You will get a set of 5 drill, including two with short drill, I also have tested. The short design I find beneficial, because man with 5 cm depth with most plugs get comes, so not on the drilling depth pay attention must and maybe less course has. Some granite slabs had I still with boreholes, where later a railing is attached. With the hammer drill went with the short drills very rapidly. For a little cooling I had taken care of. I think already that especially the short less, also if I advanced körnert had. After the sixth drill hole could I still no relent notice. Of course I still nothing to creep tell. But the first impression is already very positive.
Yonathan 2350
These masonry drill bits are exceptional for drilling into brickwork and natural stone. The 4way cutting head really makes a difference to the usual 2way spade heads. They cut cleanly and precisely without any issue. The drill bits seem capable of standing upto some tough use. I have used all sizes for a number of jobs into brick, sand stone, natural stone and concrete without any issues. Certainly seem worth the price .
Luiza Islamova 98
I took it and tested the drill bit 5mm in Almaty at 8mm. Lasted 3 minutes with periodic cooling. But it is noticeable that the pool Burys without cooling. As it was, it was so also. In the photo before and after. I recommend this drill.
Looks quality, very fast shipping. Not tried yet.
Baytimirov Sergey
I have been using these for regular bits of DIY around the house and found them to be very easy to use and very easy to set up in the drill. They have not shown any wear after multiple uses and the varying sizes means there should be the correct size for your job. No need to go mad and buy the Bosch bits.